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dri-shield, drishield technologyADVADRI® Armpit Pads- Oval & Sleeveless Style with SweatProof Barrier. Sweat will not pass through barrier.

Armpit Pads are made with 100% combed cotton fabric, with a thread count of 28 threads per square inch. This high thread count helps absorb perspiration and offers a soft comfortable feel.  For maximum protection, dress shields are made with a SWEAT-PROOF BARRIER. Superb barrier for protecting outer clothing from perspiration wetness. Moisture resistance with no compromise to breathe ability.

Have confidence that sweat and odor will not pass thru your fine fabrics; silk, rayon, nylon, cashmere, polyester.

Shields are conveniently machine washable, saves time and money on dry-cleaning outer apparel.

Enjoy comfort all day long knowing that you have full and complete underarm protection.

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Crescent ADVADRI®
Armpit Pads

Two elastic arm straps.


Armpit Pads
with a Sweat Proof Barrier



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